Galilee Box


Galilee Box

The Galilee region in the north of Israel symbolizes something magical for us.
Filled with a rich history, breathtaking views, wonderful hikes, fabulous restaurants, the massive Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and so much more, the area has something for everyone.
Many Israelis think of the Galilee as an escape- a moment to get away, enjoy a bottle of wine at one of Israel’s top-notch wineries, take a dip at the northern beaches and enjoy nature.
This box will transport you to the mindset and the views of the Galilee, allowing you to discover some of its greatest treasures. Enjoy them, they’re something special.

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What’s inside your Galilee Box?

Pure Silan by Tamar Kinneret
Silan (date syrup) can be found in all Israeli homes. Sweet, healthy and delicious, use it with everything from a topping on yogurt to dressings and even as a marinade on meat dishes. We’ve added a recipe featuring silan to our blog this month that you don’t want to miss.

Natural Lip Balm by Teva Hagalil
100% natural lip balm made of Jojoba oil and shea butter with bits of chamomile. All oils and butters are natural, leaving your lips feeling great. No preservatives, parabens, synthetic scents or oils. Straight from the Galilee Mountains.

 Authentic Spoon Rest from the Acre Shuk
This gorgeous spoon rest comes straight from the alleyways of the Acre Shuk (market), an ancient city in the Galilee. Super practical and adding an authentic Middle Eastern flare to your kitchen, this is a must-have to enhance every cooking experience.

 Green Olives with Galilee Spices by Zeta Olive Oil
Nothing says Galilee like olives.  Topped with Galilee Flavoring and Olive Oil, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the shore of the Kinneret while snacking on these.

Ceramic Bird by Maarag
This turquoise ceramic bird is the perfect decorative piece adding a bit of Galilee color and charm to your home. This design was created at Maarag – Cochav Hatzafon Rehabilitation Center, our cause of the month.