Pesach Box


The Pessach Box

Pesach is a family time, a time for homecoming, an opportunity for family and friends to gather together to share in the rituals that commemorate the flight of our forefathers to freedom 3000 years ago. Pesach nowadays represents not only the deliverance from Pharaoh but reinforces our unique culture, courage and endurance and our everlasting faith in freedom. Pesach is yet another opportunity to teach our children about our beautiful heritage and for us to bask in the warming notion of belonging and togetherness.

Chag Sameach Everyone!

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What’s inside your Pesach Box?

Matzah/Afikomen “Pocket” by Gvanim
Made by the people with disabilities at Gvani, this matzah holder is the perfect way to hide your afikomen during your Pesach seder!
Imprinted with the words הלילה הזה כולו מצה – “tonight is all matzah”, you’ll bring Hebrew and special meaning to your table.

 Horseradish Paste with Beets by Meshek Lin
Meshek Lin is a family run farm, with a focus on raising bees (for honey production) and creating a range of natural Israeli products including honey, sauces, spreads, tahini and more.
This horseradish paste (known as chazeret in Hebrew), is a great way to add horseradish to your table with an interesting twist. Together with beets, this horseradish is unique and exceptionally delicious!

Confiture d’Oignons by the Well Delicatessan
Husband and wife, Inbar and Sigal Shafat, the owners of “The Well Delicatessen” create the best dips, spreads, and more using local products from the Galilee.
Confiture d’Oignons or onion jam is a staple here in Israel during Pesach, specifically eaten with liver pate (or chopped liver if you prefer!). Made with onions, chili, and other spices, you’ll love eating this all Pesah long.

Jerusalem Tea by ShalvaTea
David Ross, founder of ShalvaTea, fell in love with Israel when doing his Masters in Forestry at Yale, and eventually made Aliyah after studying the Carmel Forest fires of 2010.
He collected herbs to connect to the land of Israel which eventually led to the birth of Shalva, meaning peace, calm, and tranquility. Made from pure Israeli herbs, each sip is filled with the feeling “shalva”. This tea mixture, representing “next year in Jerusalem”, is made from herbs found in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Spring Hand Cream with Chamomille and Melissa by Body Shop
The Body Shop is an Israeli company, combining natural materials, medical information and groundbreaking technology together to create phenomenal products.
In Israel, Pesach is also known as the “Spring Holiday” and this cream is the perfect way to welcome the spring season. With chamomile and melissa, your skin will feel moisturized and protected for hours (and with a great smell!).