Israeli Breakfast Box


Israel is packed with amazing food but there’s one meal that really stands out above the rest… breakfast! Israeli breakfast is rich, fresh, full of flavor and variety, and simply fabulous. Israelis love to get together to eat breakfast and brunch throughout the week and particularly on the weekends, eating at both home and restaurants throughout the country. Israeli breakfasts typically feature a variety of salads, breads, eggs, dips, spreads, drinks and more. While we can’t ship you an actual Israeli breakfast (unfortunately!) this month’s box will give you the tools and raw materials to get you started on creating your own meal right at home. B’teavon (enjoy your meal!)!

You’ll want to know that:

  • Everything inside the box is kosher
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  • Each box is beautifully wrapped and carefully packed
  • You can add your own personal greeting words
  • All made, designed, or manufactured in Israel

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What’s inside the box?

Black Coffee Mug by Tzipor Hanefesh
Enjoy your Israeli dose of black coffee as part of your Israeli breakfast in this mug made by the amazing people at Tzipor Hanefesh. The mug features the words “yom tov matchil b’café tov” meaning “a good day starts with good coffee”. Don’t you agree?

Shakshuka Spice Mix and Za’atar Spice by Ayelet’s Spices
Inspired by her personal no-gluten, no-sugar diet, Ayelet invites her (online) shop visitors to “do the Shuk” right from their own homes. With unique flavor combinations, these spices will boost your cooking while supporting a family-run Israeli business. This month’s box features two different Ayelet spices: Shakshuka mix and Za’atar spice. Adding Israeli spices to your breakfast will give it the perfect authentic twist that you’re looking for.

Eggplant and Mint Spread by the Well Delicatessen
The Well Delicatessen is a boutique store founded by husband-and-wife team Sigal and Inbar in Rosh Pina, a perfect location for a great Israeli breakfast. With no preservatives or artificial flavors, you can truly taste the freshness in each product. This eggplant and mint spread adds a unique twist to your breakfast table while maintaining traditional and delicious Israeli flavors. Warning! It’s addictive.

Black/”Mud” Coffee by AgroCafé
It’s no surprise that farmers (including coffee growers) face challenges today. AgroCafe was founded with the goal of helping farmers and coffee growers to face challenges presented by weather, the soil around them, and water by creating groundbreaking technology to meet and beat these needs. This month’s box includes black or “mud” coffee which Israelis love to drink alongside their breakfast (and in your enclosed cup!). Check out our blog for the best coffee recipe!


Middle Eastern Style Serving Bowls from East Jerusalem
Wander the streets of the shuk in East Jerusalem and you’ll find a wide range of gorgeous ceramics and products to decorate your home. Israeli breakfasts not only taste great but they are also presented in a beautiful and inviting manner. This set of small serving bowls is the quintessential way to present your breakfast, just like we do in Jerusalem 🙂