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There’s so much to say about Ivrit (Hebrew!), I don’t even know where to begin. The connection between our country and religion’s history to our current everyday language, the beauty in the words, the fact that Hebrew is the only ancient language to have been revived, it’s all fascinating.

Hebrew today has become a symbol of our culture, integrating words and phrases that epitomize who we, the Israelis truly are. I personally feel a great connection to our language (more on that later!) and am fascinated by its history and current day status.

In this box, we’ll explore the Hebrew language and everything that is wonderful about it.

You’ll want to know that:

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Ivrit Box

“Happiness” אושר  Wood Mandala by Ma’arag
This mandala features the word אושר meaning happiness. Made by the people with disabilities at Ma’arag, this piece is the perfect way to bring a piece of Israel, and Hebrew into your home.

60% Dark Chocolate with Coffee by Holy Cacao
This 60% dark chocolate bar features roasted coffee flavors for a super delicious treat.

“A Moment for Myself” Graffiti Bookmark by Ofek Vertman
This bookmark features graffiti and Hebrew sayings from Tel Aviv, to remind you of the Hebrew language, even if you’re reading in English! On the top of the bookmark you’ll find אני אוהבת אותך – I love you as well as עם ישראל חי – the people of Israel live. On the back, רגע לעצמי- a moment for myself- enjoy it!

Hebrew letter silicone baking pattern by Havaya Home
Bringing Hebrew into your kitchen has never been easier! Create letters out of chocolate for cakes, gummy bears, fondant, or any other fun idea that comes to mind when you’re in the kitchen.

The Chef is אני Apron by Izy
This apron will help complete the Hebrew experience in your kitchen with its fun play on words. “The chef is אני” aka “The chef is me” saying on your apron will bring a smile to your face and improve your Israeli cooking (we promise!).


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