Christmas Box


Christmas Box

Merry Christmas & Shalom from Israel! We’ve gathered some of the top products by Israeli small businesses and non-profits to give you a taste and feel for our beautiful land. In this carefully created box, we’ve selected products grown on Israeli soil and found in our natural wonders (like the Dead Sea!). It’s a unique way to enjoy the bounty of our land and enjoy yourself at the same time. Just close your eyes and pretend you are roaming the streets of Israel, floating in the Dead Sea, or eating at one of our fabulous restaurants.  Happy Holidays!

You’ll want to know that:

  • Everything inside the box is kosher
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Standard shipping time is up to 14 business days
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  • Each box is beautifully wrapped and carefully packed
  • You can add your own personal greeting words
  • All made, designed, or manufactured in Israel

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What’s inside your Christmas box 

Dead Sea Gourmet Salt – The 4 colors series by 424 Dead Sea Salt
Adding Dead Sea salt to your cooking and table will add meaning and great flavor to any meal.
This product comes from a unique rehabilitative industry center for Dead Sea products where young men and women with special needs work and contribute to society and are filled with a sense of fulfillment and the joy of being productive.
This special edition salt pack is from the color series and contains four 30gr mini-jars: Smoked Salt, Golden Salt, Merlot Salt, Black Coarse Salt.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Ptora
There’s something so special and unique about driving around Israel and seeing olive trees lining the roads.
This black label extra virgin olive oil holds the Israeli quality seal. A balanced, fruity, and pleasantly aromatic olive oil made from olives grown in Ptora, Israel, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Wild Flowers Honey by Lin’s Farm
Lin’s Farm is one of Israel’s leading honey connoisseurs and natural food producers, specializing in innovative products based on wildflower honey and beehive superfoods.
Every creation is lovingly crafted and taste-tested and is free of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners. This pure and natural honey is made from a variety of Israeli wildflowers.

DIY Basil by Atzitz Tari
Bring Israeli soil straight into your home with this DIY basil set.
Atzitz Tari is a social movement and non-profit giving employment opportunities to those who suffer from cognitive and developmental disabilities.
Atzitz Tari’s goal is to provide significant employment by giving each participant the feeling of success and capability.
This DIY set is a great activity and looks chic and fun in the colorful mini “trash can”. Each set includes dirt, fertilizer, and seeds.
You’ll be reminded every day of your own personal Israeli plant in your home, no matter where you’re located in the world!

Dea Sea Mud Soap by Seamantika
There’s nothing more enjoyable than rubbing Dead Sea mud on your skin and taking some time to relax.
Seamantika is a unique brand that combines the power of plants, oils, and fruits along with the precious minerals of the Dead Sea in Israel.
Based on the historically renowned mud from the Dead Sea, this soap works to effectively cleanse the skin by eliminating grime and unclogging pores while also moisturizing the skin with nourishing minerals, leaving skin restored and glowing.


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