How to Make your Pesach Delicious!

March 2021

As Pesach approaches each year, many of us start thinking about what we can eat during the upcoming holiday. The thought of no hametz for an entire week sometimes feels overwhelming. No bread, pasta, pastries, cookies, cakes, and if you don’t eat kitniyot (legumes), it gets even harder with no rice, peanuts, soy, corn and more.

The good news? Here in Israel, we seem to have figured it all out. Pesach here is delicious. There’s really no other way to explain it. Sure, we have Matzah and special foods just for Pesach but I’ll let you in on a secret: the key to delicious Pesach recipes is simply to eat real, wholesome foods, stuffed with nutrients and lots of good stuff. Lots of salads, nuts (including almond flour!), dairy products, meat dishes and more.

So, while we’ll certainly dip into Israeli Matzah Brei and Matzah Ball Soup, I try to keep it as simple as possible.

What’s on my Pesach menu?

For the seder night (don’t’ forget here in Israel we only have one!), I first plan my seder plate. One of the most important things to make for the plate is charoset. There are a wide range of ways that Israelis make charoset- as a spread, in balls, or store-bought in various forms (our Pesach box contains amazing charoset by Meshek Lin- an Israeli small business).

I use this traditional recipe that includes apples, walnuts, dates and red wine. Using Israeli walnuts and dates make this recipe even more “blue and white”.

For the main course, I always make a hearty meat dish. At the end of the day, it’s not very different than our delicious Shabbat dinners. Here’s one of my favorite meat roasts that is easy to make and that the entire family loves.

How can we forget Matzah Ball Soup? Here in Israel, we call this soup “Kneidalach”. It’s traditionally eaten by Ashkenazim and is a staple at many Pesach tables. This recipe was developed by my father and we make it here every year at the Seder and throughout the week.

No Pesach table would be complete without a salad. Potatoes are a common food during Pesach, and I love this tomato and potato salad featuring garlic, onions, lemon and parsley.

What about baked goods?

We definitely can’t go the entire Pesach week without baked goods. My recommendation? Make your own at home. The Kosher for Pesach cakes and cookies that you can buy at the supermarket aren’t comparable to the amazing stuff you can make in your own kitchen.

This version of Pesach nutty brownies is so good you’ll never believe that there is no flour inside! We make them every year but beware, they are addictive.  

Celebrate Pesach like an Israeli

If you want to truly feel like you’re in Israel this Pesach season, it’s time to bring Israeli flavors to your home.

Our boxes feature at least one food product each (and sometimes more!), adding an Israeli touch to your Pesach (and year-round) kitchen. All products are Kosher and made in Israel by small businesses.

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